Energy Community Support System

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The Energy Community

Decentralised electricity use among community members

Creating the possibility of an independent grid using renewable energy

Increases efficient and optimal electricity use and reduces the need for balancing energy

Optimizing energy management

Energy optimisation by forecasting and scheduling generation, consumption and controlling consumers, producers and storage

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Energy storage

The system is suitable for integrating an energy storage, monitoring the storage (display of charging and discharging data, charge data)


Developing the operational/control objective function of the energy storage, developing the loading and unloading schedules


Energy optimisation by controlling consumers, producers and energy storage


Reduced energy costs, better use of renewable potential, marketability


A data-driven decision support energy management application that enables the design of an optimal energy management system:

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Electric vehicle charger management

Renewable energy monitoring, forecasting, scheduling

Energy optimisation and control based on facts and forecasts

Our value proposition

  • Prediction and optimisation of energy consumption and production
    – Energy consumption, production, trade and storage
    – Detection of energy wastage points
    – Consumer profiling
  • Scheduling
    – Refinement of consumption and production schedules, optimisation of network supply
    – Achieving more favourable contractual conditions with the energy trader
    – Data-based support for planning energy efficiency investments.
  • Flexible architecture
    – SCADA integration
    – Payment and settlement system basics and further integration options
    – Data-based support for planning energy efficiency investments

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